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Hello I am Kevin Douglas Berg. I am SocialNWorldwide Co-Founder, Editor, Blogger, Trainer, Operations Manager, Digital Sales Strategist as well as Process Management Innovator. You might have not heard of us as of yet, but if you look closely, you can find us all over the country as well as internationally.

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Kevin Douglas Berg. I did it and It was me and I will do it again if I want too! That Guy Over There, Yeah Him. Life is about Laughter, Passion, Discovery, Raising Eyebrows, Making People Think, your comfort zone is where you decay, get passed, relax, get soft. Drop the Gear rev the engine take the space before it is gone. What is stopping you, you live once, one shot, one try, one life that has been given to me from the creator or what or whomever you believe in. What are you doing this instant?! Wake up and Make The Move and Do It To It! Specialties: NASCAR Drag Racing Feats of Strength (Made you read that Twice) Social Integration with Thought Provoking and Blast the "Out of The Box Thinking" Social Listening Social Media Platforms Social channels Blogger Social Media Presence Use social media B2B Marketing Phenomenal knowledge of Knowing So Little About So Many Subjects -Uncle Told me when I was 21 I think Kissed the Blarney Stone - Older Guy Told Me At Cadillac Quality Assurance Test Manager / Process Originator / Trainer/Presenter Regression Test Suite Creation from Ground Up Global Infrastructure Test Manger for #1 Bank in the World ALM Administration / Implementation / Organization Off-Shore and On-Shore Team Management Creation of Quality Assurance Programs Leading and Managing Teams Training/Mentoring Staff Creating and Delivering Exciting Presentations Requirements Gathering and Defining Test Script Creation, Execution and Maintenance User, System, Performance, Integration Testing

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Blogging, Networking, Technology, Marketing, Parenting, Business, Automobile Racing, Design, Social Media, Everything Automotive, Entrepreneurship, Connecting, Politics, Engineering, Architecture, Psychology, Leadership, Innovations, Start-Ups, Sales

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